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You Are Defined By What You Eat – How To Use Food To Fight Covid-19

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You Are Defined By What You Eat – How To Use Food To Fight Covid-19

How To Use Food To Fight Covid-19

How To Use Food To Fight Covid! Different cultures, different diets. We all know that, right? The Western diet has led to an increase in diseases all over North America. Fortunately, a holistic approach is the answer to our prayers. When you nourish the body, mind and soul, then nothing can get in your way.

In this article, we shall delve into the benefits of a holistic nutrition in your fight against Covid-19.


How To Use Food To Fight Covid (Proper Nutrition):

Some of the signs that you are suffering from an active COVID infection include loss of taste and smell. You may lack the appetite to eat or drink, which can ultimately lead to dehydration caused by a lack of nutrients for your body’s metabolism needs.

When fighting an infection, it is essential to maintain proper hydration by drinking lots of clean and fresh alkaline water. 

Some of the essential foods and additives to avoid, or rather reduce as much as you can, include:

  • Pork, 
  • Red meat, 
  • Refined and or processed foods, 
  • Most grains, 
  • All white flour products, 
  • Dairy, 
  • sugar.

If by any chance you’ve contracted Covid, stay away from them altogether. Your body is maximizing all its resources to fight the infection, and those could be the stumbling blocks. 

By following an alkaline diet, you will be able to enjoy the many health benefits that come with it. It is crucial for at least 80% of your meals and snacks to consist of fruits or vegetables! 


How To Use Food To Fight Covid

Some of the superfoods that you can use during this period include:


  • Spirulina, 
  • Chlorella, 
  • Sea buckthorn, 
  • Goji berries, 
  • Ashitaba, 
  • Moringa, 
  • Lots of fresh berries.


Mix up everything, and you’ll discover the best smoothie of all time!

There are varieties of foods out there that will help make sure every part gets the nutrients it needs, from brainpower to muscle mass! You should also take supplements if needed, such as digestive enzymes, because without them, our bodies won’t be able fully to break down meals or absorb all those excellent vitamins inside each bite – leading us straight back into feeling tired again soon after eating (who wants another headache?).


What Do We Have To Say About Fasting?

We all love food, which is why you’re probably cringing as you read this.

Fasting is known to be harmful and can result in malnutrition. However, most people do not know the beneficial effects of fasting and how it can help you fight diseases. Studies have shown that animals live longer than if they were eating continuously. 

Intermittent or prolonged fasting can also protect you from diseases such as neurodegeneration, diabetes, and cancer. It has been found that fasting can lead to a growth hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which protects neurons in the brain and stimulates the formation of new ones. Furthermore, prolonged fasting decreases insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which is a growth factor that accelerates cellular division and can give rise to cancer.

Fasting allows the immune system to work more effectively as it does not have to fight with invaders such as bacteria and viruses but instead has enough time for its own processes, such as apoptosis (the natural death of harmful cells). If you were looking for good news as far as Covid-19 is concerned, there you go! If there is a plus in the fight against covid, it’s a robust immune system.



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