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The Integrative Healing Approach to Care

At Integrative Healing Center, we understand the importance of treating the whole patient, identifying the cause of disease, treating the patient as well as eliminating the root cause.

The body is intricately made to heal itself when given the appropriate combination of nutrients, detoxification, sunlight and rest. Homeostasis is an important concept and a natural occurrence significant to the human body. Disease is an upset of this homeostasis and a consequence of toxemia, diminished immune system, toxic environmental exposures, chronic mental and emotional stress, and genetic alterations. At Integrative Healing Center, we believe that all diseases have one major root cause, and that is toxin build up that is greater than the body’s ability to overcome the effects. We also believe that cancer is a non-healing wound that lacks the appropriate milieu to overcome the stressors enacted upon the tissues. The underlying cause of disease must be treated if the body is to be healed from this disequilibrium.

At Integrative Healing Center, the patient is referred to as already being healed as this simple declaration is important to the healing process. The mindset of the healed patient is by far the most important aspect of the treatment process and will be the catalyst that propels healing. It is important for every healed patient to invest in oneself and educate their mind regarding their healing process. This connection is important as the rate limiting factor in the healing process is the willingness of the patient to fully take control over one’s health and make the necessary changes for success.

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Our 6 Step Approach


1) Stop all offending habits and eliminate the root cause of the disease.

We understand that not any two cancers as well as healed persons are alike. We take an individualized approach to every case to achieve optimal outcomes. At Integrative Healing Center, we employ a six step approach to all toxic states including cancer. First things first, it is important to eliminate the root cause of the disease, including mental thought processes that keeps one from healing. External and internal toxins must be eliminated and or reduced as much as possible. This includes toxins from toiletries, environmental chemicals, foods, home cleaning agents as well as exposures on the job. So the first step to health is to 1) Stop all offending habits and eliminate the root cause of the disease.


2) whole body detoxification

The next step we take in the healing process is 2) whole body detoxification and maximization of the natural cleansing systems of the body. The liver is the most important detoxification organ in the body. Due to years of toxin exposure, unhealthy eating, pharmaceutical overload as well as parasitic infections, hepatic congestion prevails leading to unwanted “sewage” in the body. The result is hormonal imbalances, toxic milieus, recurrent infections and of course cancers. An un-detoxed body is equivalent to a bad case of “hoarding”. The long term damage to the body must be removed and spring cleaning is much needed to obtain lasting healing effects.


3) Maximize and boost the immune system

The third step in our approach is to 3) maximize and boost the immune system. Due to chronic stressors as well as lack of proper nutrition and buildup of toxins, chronic inflammation and immune suppression over burdens the body’s natural attempt to fight infection as well as carcinoma. It is highly important to revive the immune system and stimulate the appropriate response for long term healing to take place. The key to restoration of the immune system is proper rest and repair of the adrenals through a strategic care plan.


4) proper nutrition with vital micro and macronutrients

All of the steps in the healing process are equally important including 4) proper nutrition with vital micro and macronutrients to repair the body and complete important metabolic pathways. Knowing the nutritional deficiencies as well as blockages of a particular toxic state will lend valuable information on how to heal a diseased process. Cancer is a catabolic state as diseased cells have higher metabolic demand utilizing anaerobic respiration and at the same time, robbing non-diseased cells of important nutrients. Our approach is to feed the body and starve the cancer.


5) Create An Environment That Is Non-conducive

That takes us to our next step which is to 5) create an environment nonconducive to the diseased state. Feed the body and starve the cancer. In 1931 Otto Heinrich Warburg was attributed the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine mainly for his investigation of the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells. The Warburg Effect expounds on cancers’ need for glucose for energy production through a process called anaerobic glycolysis. This process results in only a small amount of energy produced compared to aerobic respiration. Thus, cancer cells, which are rapidly dividing, utilize 100 times more glucose for energy and robs non-diseased cells of energy. This leads to cancer cachexia.


6) Mental empowerment and stabilization

The last and foundational step is 6) Mental empowerment and stabilization. The mind is strongly linked to the healing process. It is imperative to adapt a positive mental attitude as depression, unforgiveness, as well as negative thinking will only lead to suppression of the immune system. The immune response is highly important in fighting disease. Our process consists of daily meditation, positive affirmation, grounding, as well as experiencing the effective power of natural sunlight.</p> <p>At Integrative Healing Center, we work with the healed soul and truly care about balancing life and freedom. It is our goal to be effective at what we do, while minimizing harm and side effects. We take an integrative approach to the wellbeing of each person and focus on prevention.