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Integrative Healing Center is a unique place like no other in the region. We at Integrative Healing Center understand that the body is naturally designed to heal itself when given the proper balance of nutrition, sunlight, rest and relaxation, and detoxification. We work one on one with the patient to design a special healing program and incorporate appropriate healing therapeutics with conventional medicine for all patients with various disease processes.

At Integrative Healing Center, the patient is referred to as already being healed as this simple declaration is important to the healing process. The mindset of the healed patient is by far the most important aspect of the treatment process and will be the catalyst that propels healing. It is important for every healed patient to invest in oneself and educate their mind regarding their healing process. This connection is important as the rate limiting factor in the healing process is the willingness of the patient to fully take control over one’s health and make the necessary changes for success.


IV Nutritional Therapy

Intravenous (IV) vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can boost immune function, increase energy levels and help manage a variety of chronic health problems including cancer. At Integrative Healing Center, we use intravenously delivered vitamins, minerals and amino acids to assist with the natural healing process of the body. We offer nutritional IV therapies because it's one of the best ways to supply essential nutrients - nutrients that make up your body's normal metabolism and those required for restoring balance (homeostasis) - for the treatment of illness and fatigue.

Vitamins and minerals are safely given through the vein and goes directly into the body for immediate absorption and effect. Nutraceutical therapy uses powerful nutraceuticals and amino acids to help men and women fight the effects that busy and active lifestyles place on our bodies.

Toxin overload, as well as the stress of everyday life and poor health choices break the body down leading to degenerative diseases, fatigue, and even cancer.


Dr. Elisha Robinson, Board Certified General Surgeon • Fellowship Trained Breast Surgeon

Dr. Elisha Robinson, Board Certified General Surgeon and Fellowship Trained Breast Health Specialist, has been trained in innovative and cutting edge breast surgical techniques including, Breast Conservation, Nipple Sparing Mastectomies, Hidden Scar Techniques, as well as Autologous Adult Stem Cell Therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma. At Integrative Healing Center, we take pride in our excellent surgical skills and incorporate holistic modalities including intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy, hyperbaric oxygen as well as whole body detoxification to improve patient outcomes.


Autologous Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can become a specialized cell (blood, nerve, lung, heart, ligaments, etc.) in the right environment. This special progenitor cell has the ability to divide to produce more stem cells. There is some controversy in stem cell therapy, however, at Integrative Healing Center, we do not use embryonic cells, but we harvest cells from the patient’s own fatty tissues.

Conditions Treated with Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells regenerate the body at the cellular level. When given intravenously, they are dispersed to the whole body and therefore the possibility of benefits can be endless. Stem cells harvested from adult bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissue can be utilized to treat multiple conditions including, COPD, autoimmune disease such as Crohn’s, psoriasis, and eczema, as well as heart disease and osteoarthritis.




Thermography Performed by Board Certified Breast Surgeon

What is Breast Thermography?
Digital infrared breast thermography is a painless, radiation free imaging modality that helps detect breast cancer. Approved in 1982 by the FDA as an adjunctive diagnostic screening tool, it’s benefits are far reaching and understandably beneficial as evidenced by the extensive research that has been conducted over the past 6 decades.

Thermography Appointments are only $250


What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) allows a patient to breathe 100% oxygen at pressures greater than normal atmospheric pressure. The pressure causes the blood to take up greater volumes of oxygen, which speeds the healing process by increasing blood flow and oxygen receipt to damaged tissues. HBO has proven effective for a variety of health conditions including burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, diabetic ulcers, wounds that won’t heal, soft tissue infections, and more. Many doctors have begun using HBO to help plastic surgery patients recover more quickly after surgery. HBO helps minimize swelling, cut down pain, and speed up the body’s healing processes. Oxygen also has an anti-bacterial effect, which helps reduce possible infections, or fight off infection if a patient has complications. The therapy is said to reduce recovery times by 33 to 50 percent.


The Integrative Healing Approach to Care

At Integrative Healing Center, we understand the importance of treating the whole patient, identifying the cause of disease, treating the patient as well as eliminating the root cause.

The body is intricately made to heal itself when given the appropriate combination of nutrients, detoxification, sunlight and rest. Homeostasis is an important concept and a natural occurrence significant to the human body. Disease is an upset of this homeostasis and a consequence of toxemia, diminished immune system, toxic environmental exposures, chronic mental and emotional stress, and genetic alterations. At Integrative Healing Center, we believe that all diseases have one major root cause, and that is toxin build up that is greater than the body’s ability to overcome the effects. We also believe that cancer is a non-healing wound that lacks the appropriate milieu to overcome the stressors enacted upon the tissues. The underlying cause of disease must be treated if the body is to be healed from this disequilibrium.

Wellness Coaching

Complementary Medicine

Breast Health

Wellness Seminars

Ionic Foot Cleanse

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

Whole Body Detoxification

Hidden Scar Technique Breast Surgery

Breast Health Options

Breast cancer affects 1 out of 8 women. Take the proper steps to make sure you know your body and perform monthly self breast exams as well as yearly clinical breast exams. Don’t forget proper nutrition, exercise, clean healthy living environment is most important for prevention of breast cancer.

  • Breast Thermography
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Breast Self-Exam Education
  • Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Genetic Risk Assessments and Screenings

Bioidentical hormone Replacement

Bioidentical hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones women make in their bodies. As women age, the level of naturally producing hormones decline causing symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, irritability and decreaed libido. A program that is adjusted just right for each individual, along with proper balance of good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, rest and relaxation and exercise can help women achieve the quality of life they deserve.

Weight Loss Programs

At Integrative Healing Center, we understand that it is not about weight loss, but it is all about WASTE loss. We understand the true meaning of health and what really works to help you achieve optimal results.

  • Alkaline Eating Plan
  • Ketogenic Diet- KetoOS
  • Balance Hormones to target the true reason for weight gain
  • Whole Body Detox to jump start your waste loss journey

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy

New and current regenerative medicine can use stem cells to create living and functional tissues to regenerate and repair tissue and organs in the body that are damaged due to age, disease and congenital defects. Stem cells have the power to go to these damaged areas and regenerate new cells and tissues by performing a repair and a renewal process, restoring functionality.

Integrative Healing Services

Breast Health

Dr. Robinson is a fellowship trained breast surgeon who specializes in breast cancer, breast health, breast cancer risk reduction strategies, breast pain and masses, nipple discharge, genetic cancer syndromes. She also offers breast ultrasonography, ultrasound guided breast biopsies and breast thermography.

Complementary Medicine

Whole body detox, Ionic foot cleanse, Alkaline water, IV nutrients, hyperbaric oxygen, massage therapy, bio-identical hormones, herbal therapies, full laboratory.

Wellness Coaching

Personalized nutrition treatment plans, weight loss management, cancer risk reduction strategies, including helping to create good shopping and eating habits.

Stem Cell Therapy


The ability of an immature stem cell to give rise to any cell type or complete ebmryo. Forms before blastocyst.


The ability of a stem cell to differentiate into any of the three germ layers: endoderm (interior stomach lining, gastrointestinal tract, the lungs), mesoderm (muscle, bone, blood, urogenital), or ectoderm (epidermal tissues and nervous system).


Multipotent cells are found in many, but not all human cell types. Multipotent cells have been found in cord blood, adipose tissue, cardiac cells, bone marrow, and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which are found in the third molar.


The ability of progenitor cells to differentiate into a few cell types. It is a degree of potency. Examples of oligopotent stem cells are the lymphoid or myeloid stem cells. A lymphoid cell specifically, can give rise to various blood cells such as B and T cells, however, not to a different blood cell type like a red blood cell.


The ability of a progenitor cell to differentiate into one cell type.

Happy Customers


"Dr. Robinson has been such a blessing to our family. When I was concerned about test results, she called me personally to calm my fears. She explains things thoroughly and has a wonderful bedside manner. She is so knowledgeable and such an asset to the Northern Illinois region. It is hard to find such a wonderful doctor and even harder to find one locally. I recommend her to all of my friends."



"After chemotherapy and radiation treatments to fight my breast cancer, I have been unable to work due to extreme fatigue. Dr. Robinson was my surgeon and she suggested I try the IV vitamins to see if they could help me. My energy levels did improve and I have increased stamina since receiving the IV vitamins. I may never be at the energy levels I had before the chemotherapy but I am grateful for the improvements that I have received and definitely recommend you see Dr. Robinson for these Vitamin IV treatments!



"I am very grateful and thankful for Dr. Robinson's sincere dedication to help cure disease. In less than two months, I have referred four loved ones to Dr. Robinson. As a cancer patient, my IV vitamin C and B's are meticulously administered with the greatest benefit to my body. Dr. Robinson is helping achieve positive results!"



"Dr. Robinson has been very helpful and very easy to get along with. I would strongly recommend her to my family and friends."



"I have found the holistic approach alternative to my breast cancer follow up treatment to be valuable. Arimidex causes osteoporosis which I already have. Glad for EstroVantage herbal replacement. I also take 5mg of pure Vit. C a day. Had foot detoxes and 7-day detox which helped me to finally get closer to my weight goal. I exercise daily at the Y which rounds out my health regimen. Thank you Dr. Robinson! Happy New Year."


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Breast Health Options

Breast cancer affects 1 out of 8 women. Take the proper steps to make sure you know your body and perform monthly self breast exams as well as yearly clinical breast exams. Don’t forget proper nutrition, exercise, clean healthy living environment is most important for prevention of breast cancer

Weight Loss Programs

At Integrative Healing Center, we understand that it is not about weight loss, but it is all about WASTE loss. We understand the true meaning of health and what really works to help you achieve optimal results.

Alkaline Eating Plan, Ketogenic Diet- KetoOS, Balance Hormones to target the true reason for weight gain, Whole Body Detox to jump start your waste loss journey