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Boost Your Immunity With These 10 Simple Tips

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Boost Your Immunity with holistic healing

Boost Your Immunity With These 10 Simple Tips

Boost Your Immunity with holistic healing

Having a cold or the flu is the last thing you want, especially during this time of year. If being sick isn’t bad enough, these illnesses can often become other problems, such as sinus infections and bronchitis. You can take caution to help your body’s natural immune system work more effectively, possibly allowing you to avoid illnesses in the future.

1) Get plenty of rest

During cold and flu season, there are usually a lot of bugs out trying to invade our bodies. Your body really needs all the rest that it can get during this time to stay healthy and fight off the sickness. Make sure that you’ve been getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night and take some “you” days if you feel like your body needs them. If you can’t seem to catch that much-needed sleep, check out this article for some quick tips.

2) Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of those things that seems like it’s been around forever, and for a good reason. It can strengthen your immunity, making you less susceptible to catching a cold. There are lots of options out there – orange juice, lemonade, or even some pill-form vitamins will work. Just make sure that you’re getting at least two servings each day, especially when cold and flu season is at their peak.

3) Vitamin D

Another vitamin that you should be sure to take is vitamin D. Although not as strong of an immune system booster as vitamin C; this can help your body overall. Some easy ways to get more include taking a quick walk outside every day and having some milk for breakfast instead of water or juice.

4) Wash those hands!

This might sound elementary, but washing your hands occasionally is one of the best ways to reduce your chances of getting sick. Germs are everywhere, and most of them can be transferred with just a simple handshake, including the infamous coronavirus. Make sure you’ve been washing hands frequently throughout the day. If you cannot access clean water, make sure you have your sanitizer handy all the time.

Wash those hands and do holistic healing

5) Steer clear of illness

If you have close contact with someone who has already come down with Covid, stay away from them as much as you can. It’s not just the people that have it that could infect you, but also their belongings. Avoid frequently used items such as keys, handbags, cell phones, and sunglasses because these are accessible places for germs to hide out during the day. 

And mind you, if it’s you who already has the virus, then the best gift you can give your friends and relatives is to stay away from them as much as you can. No one would hate you for caring. 

6) Exercise

If you haven’t been exercising already, now is the time to start getting up and moving around a few times a day. It will get your body used to being active again and help prevent it from feeling sluggish while fighting off a virus or illness.

7) Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques with holistic healing

Try not to stress yourself out too much during the day. If you’ve been worrying about your job or other responsibilities, take some time to relax and unwind with some breathing exercises or meditation before bedtime. Your body will thank you for it later on!

8) Detox your body

Have you ever tried imagining what would happen if your liver fails? Death!

That’s why you shouldn’t wait for your liver to fail. Most of the body’s detoxification takes place in the liver, and you, therefore, need to give your liver an easy time by frequently helping in flushing out the toxins. Strive to do this at least twice a year, spring and fall during the equinox. It’s just basic maintenance, just like you would maintain your car or house if you need it in good shape. 

9) Clean your gut

Many immune cells reside in your gut, which is why you need to keep it clean. Regular detoxification of the gut helps remove toxic materials from your body. If your bowel movements are inconsistent, let’s say you poop after two to three days, then you need to seek medication before it’s too late, as that’s not normal. You can maintain a healthy gut functioning by staying hydrated, eating healthy food with roughages, and getting rid of waste. 

10) Hydration

Last but not least is the all-important water factor. It is possible to confuse hunger pangs with thirst. Before rushing to get some food, consider drinking some water first, at room temperature. This is better than cold water as it goes straight into your system, as opposed to cold water that stays longer in the stomach before achieving body temperature. If you still feel hungry after 15 minutes, then you really should eat.


A simple way to know how much water you should take is by checking your urine color. If your urine still remains yellow even after drinking a lot of water, then you need a medical checkup as it could be a sign of an underlying problem. Otherwise, clear urine is a good sign of hydration. 

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