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These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!

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These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!

These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!

These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!, Hey, guys! I know we’re all tempted to hit the gym when we feel under the weather. But if you desire to get better fast, your immune system needs to be in tip-top condition. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of exercises to help boost your immune system and get back into shape quickly.


Chest-widening stretches

These exercises will open up your lungs and allow them to work at their maximum capacity. They’ll also improve circulation by flushing toxins out of the body.


1) Frog position: start on hands and knees, then widen both elbows flat on the floor while gently lowering your head towards the floor.

2) Bench stretch: start on hands and knees while bringing one leg forward. Bring your heel over to touch the opposite knee (your foot should align with your head). Hold for 30 seconds before switching legs.

3) Cat position: on all fours, arch your back upwards by dropping your belly button to the floor, then lift it up again; repeat five times.

4) Downward facing dog: feet hip-width apart, push hips up and curve tailbone downwards while keeping arms strong and straight; hold for 20 seconds then release into a plank position before repeating four times.


These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!

Walkout lung exercises

Engage all major muscle groups by doing these simple but effective lunges. They’ll also increase your cardiovascular capacity.


1) Walking lunges: step forward into a lunge position with the back knee almost touching the floor. Push up off the front foot to stand upright before stepping out again; repeat ten times on each side. Try to work up to 20 reps if you’re a beginner.

2) Alternating lunges: standing tall, take a small step forward and drop both knees towards the floor until your back knee is close but not touching the ground; push up from the front foot, then repeat for the other side. Alternate sides as you go. Try working up to 20 reps per leg.

3) Split squat jumps: Start in a lunge position, then jump into the air bringing arms forwards and legs together; land on the floor with knees bent and arms out to sides. Press up from your front foot before jumping again; repeat ten times on each side. Try working up to 20 reps per leg.



  1. If you’re a beginner, start with 2-3 sets of 5 minutes with a 5-minute break in between.
  2. Work yourself up to 3-4 sets of 15 minutes in total.
  3. Remember that every exercise should be done for both sides of the body if applicable, and always wait until you feel 100% better before coming back to any rigorous workouts.


Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!

Healthy Habits You Should Master

Sweat it out

Sweating is the body’s way of cooling down, regulating temperature, and ridding itself of toxins. When you work out or go for a walk on a hot summer’s day, your skin begins to perspire as your body starts to cool down.


Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy

COVID-19 is known to cause Hypoxemia or low oxygen levels. The easiest way out is through Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is a form of therapy whereby you go into a pressurized enclosed chamber and breathe in 100 percent oxygen at elevated atmospheric pressures. You need approximately two to three sessions to see optimal results.

Steam treatment

You only need distilled water, peppermint oil, clove oil, tea tree oil, and cayenne pepper for a perfect and very effective steam treatment. Cayenne pepper clears your airways to improve breathing and put pulmonary complications at bay. You can inhale the steam as often as needed for relief. 


These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!

Mind your environs

Don’t take chances with your health. Apart from Covid-19 being airborne, there are many other infections that can be propagated by toxins and unfiltered contaminated air. In case there is a way to diffuse essential oils in your home or work environment, the better for you.


Practice good oral hygiene

Bacteria, fungus, and viruses all find a place to call home in your mouth if oral hygiene is not a priority for you. Floss, brush, and rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash to stay healthy at all times.


These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!

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