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These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!

These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy! These Exercises Will Ensure Your Lungs Remain Healthy!, Hey, guys! I know we're all tempted to hit the gym when we feel under the weather. But if you desire to get better fast, your immune system needs to be in tip-top condition. That's why I've compiled this list of exercises to help boost your immune system and get back into shape quickly.   Chest-widening stretches These exercises will open up your lungs and allow them to work at their maximum capacity. They'll also improve circulation by flushing toxins out of the body.   1) Frog position: start on hands and knees, then widen both elbows flat on the floor while gently lowering your head towards the floor. 2) Bench stretch: start on hands and...

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You Are Defined By What You Eat – How To Use Food To Fight Covid-19

How To Use Food To Fight Covid-19 How To Use Food To Fight Covid! Different cultures, different diets. We all know that, right? The Western diet has led to an increase in diseases all over North America. Fortunately, a holistic approach is the answer to our prayers. When you nourish the body, mind and soul, then nothing can get in your way. In this article, we shall delve into the benefits of a holistic nutrition in your fight against Covid-19. [caption id="attachment_6208" align="alignnone" width="560"] Integrative Medicine near me[/caption]   How To Use Food To Fight Covid (Proper Nutrition): Some of the signs that you are suffering from an active COVID infection include loss of taste and smell. You may lack the appetite to eat or drink, which can ultimately lead to...

Boost Your Immunity with holistic healing

Boost Your Immunity With These 10 Simple Tips

Boost Your Immunity with holistic healing Having a cold or the flu is the last thing you want, especially during this time of year. If being sick isn't bad enough, these illnesses can often become other problems, such as sinus infections and bronchitis. You can take caution to help your body's natural immune system work more effectively, possibly allowing you to avoid illnesses in the future. 1) Get plenty of rest During cold and flu season, there are usually a lot of bugs out trying to invade our bodies. Your body really needs all the rest that it can get during this time to stay healthy and fight off the sickness. Make sure that you've been getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night and take some...

Cleanse With Coffee Enemas

So I truly feel strongly FOR coffee enemas. I have been recommending this great adjunct to my whole body detox program. Not only does it help move the bowels, but it allows for improved purification of your body by assisting your liver in removal of toxins. Check out this video to show you how to prepare a coffee enema the Gerson way. Also check out this article on the benefits of coffee enemas from The Truth about Cancer website. Paz a ti Dr. Robinson the Breast Specialist...


Sleepless in Rockford!!

So I haven't been getting much sleep because of the extensive work I am doing in preparing to open my practice, study for my PhD program, breast feed a 5 month old growing baby, and run my six year old around town. My body is wearing down! I know the importance of getting adequate sleep and how the lack of this precious commodity can have rippling effects on one's body. I know! I know! In our modern world of high tech-technology, busy busy busy, and always on the go, many Americans are suffering from a lack of sleep. According to the CDC "Sleep is increasingly recognized as important to public health, with sleep insufficiency linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational...