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A Prayer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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A Prayer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

As a man thinketh! The power of the thought…….On a daily basis, I prepare my day with daily prayer and meditation. it is very important to begin my day on a positive note since I have so much to deal with daily. While my husband is in Kenya running for government, I am graciously playing single momma to a beautiful 4 month old and innovative 6 year old. I am involved in church activities, my little one has gymnastics class throughout the week and I’m working on my PhD.

I have to focus my thoughts and energy on the positive and reaffirm God’s calling on my life all the time to keep my mind, body, and spirit strengthened. This same advice I render to my breast cancer patients. Research shows that patients who are going through trauma such as breast cancer do better when they have a happy disposition and are spiritually grounded.

The mind has the power to control ones outcome. Have you noticed that when you are physically tired, depressed and or emotionally drained, you are more susceptible to infections such as colds and the flu? That’s because chronic stress negatively affects the body’s immune system leaving a breach in security. Chronic stress increases risk of infections, chronic disease, toxin build up in the body, end organ failure and the big C word….Cancer.

So take the time to check your thoughts and meditate daily.

A prayer a day keeps the doctor away.




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